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based on / copied from D. Y. Hong "Paeonies of the World" vol. 1-3 (2010, 2011, 2021)

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P. obovata (Maxim., 1859)

[Maximowicz, C. J., Primitiae Florae Amurensis (in Mem. Acad. Imp. Sci. St.-Petersbourg 9), 1859, p. 29-30]

consisting of 2 subspecies --- Key to P. obovata subsp.
First Description: P. obovata (Maxim., 1859)
Synonyms: P. oreogeton (Moore, 1879)
P. obovata var. japonica (Makino, 1898)
P. japonica (Miyabe & Takeda, 1910)
P. vernalis (Mandl, 1921)
P. japonica var. pilosa (Nakai, 1937)
P. obovata f. oreogeton (Kitagagawa, 1939)
P. obovata subsp. japonica (Halda, 1997)
Plant: Ploidy:  
Growth Type: herbaceous / perennial
Height: 30-70cm
Roots: thick, carrot-shaped; caudex usually short, 2-8cm long
others: stems often single, always simple, glabrous
Leaves: # segmentation: 9
others: lower leaves spreading or ascending, biternate;
leaflets 9, entire, obovate, cuneate at the base, rounded or acute at the apex,
5-20cm long, 4-14cm wide, grabrous above, glabrous to densely hispid beneath
Flowers: Season:  
# flowers/stem: solitarty, terminal
Bracts: involucrate bracts 1 or 2, leaf-like, rarely lacking
Sepals: 2-4, but mostly 3, mostly rounded at the apex
Petals: 4-7, spreading or incurved, white, rose, pink-red, red, purple-red, or rarely white with pinkish base or margins, obovate,
3-5.5cm long, 1.8-2.8cm wide
Flower Colour: white, rose, pink-red, red, purple-red, or rarely white with pinkish base or margins
Filaments: white, withish-yellow, or purple below but white above to entirely purple
Anthers: yellow, orange-red or dark purple
Disk: yellow, waved, 1-1.5mm high
Fruit: Season:  
# of Carpells: 2-3
Carpell: always glabrous
Style / Stigma: styles 2-5mm long
stigmas red
Follicles / Ovary / Ovules: follicles gradually recurved, ellipsoid, 2-3cm long
Seeds: black, glossy, ovoid-spherical, 6-7mm long, 5-6mm in diameter
Habitat: Location: in deciduous broad-leaved or mixed broad-leaved and conifer forests, at altituteds from lowlands to 2800m
Geogr. Distr.: distributed in East Asia: China (NE, E and central), Japan, the Korean Peninsula and the Far East of Russia
Countries: China, Japan, Russia, Korea
Common Names: white obovate peony
woodland peony

  Key to the   P. obovata subsp.

Key / Info Name                  
1a Leaves mostly glabrous or sparsely (occasionally densly) hispid on lower surface; diploid (tetraploids rarely occur in the Far East of Russia and on Mt Changbai of NE China) 16a P. obovata subsp. obovata
1b Leaves usually densely, very occasionally sparsely, hispid on lower surface; tetraploid (the only diploid found in a mixed population in Lushi County, W Henan) 16b P. obovata subsp. willmottiae

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