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based on / copied from D. Y. Hong "Paeonies of the World" vol. 1-3 (2010, 2011, 2021)

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P. clusii (Stern, 1940)

[Stern, Bot. Mag., vol. 162, 1940, tab. 9594]

consisting of 2 subspecies --- Key to P. clusii subsp.
First Description:
Synonyms: P. cretica (Tausch, 1828)
P. peregrina (Rauhlin, 1869)
P. peregrina var. cretica (Huth, 1891)
P. foeminea var. cretica (Gürke, 1903)
P. officinalis var. glabra (Hayek, 1927)
P. rhodia (Stearn, 1941)
Plant: Ploidy:  
Growth Type: herbaceous / perennial
Roots: tap roots thickened, slightly fusiform, up to 2.5cm in diameter, lateral roots carrot-shaped
others: plant totally glabrous except carpels and occasionally lower surface of leaves
Leaves: # segmentation:  
others: lower leaves biternate, all leaflets segmented;
segments 23-95, linear, lanceolate to ovate,
5-10cm long, 0.5-4.5cm wide
Flowers: Season:  
# flowers/stem: solitary
Bracts: involucrate bracts 1-2, leaf-like
Sepals: 3 or 4, ovate-orbicular, mostly rounded at the apex, purple at the periphery
Petals: 7, white, orbicular, oblong or nearly rhomboid,
4-5cm long, 2.5-4cm wide
Flower Colour: white
Filaments: purple
Anthers: yellow
Disk: flat, 0.5-1mm high, tomentose
Fruit: Season:  
# of Carpells: 2-4, rarely 1
Carpell: tomentose, hairs 2.0-2.5mm long, pink or brown-yellow
Style / Stigma: stigmas red, 1.5-2mm wide
Follicles / Ovary / Ovules: follicles ellipsoid, ca. 3.8cm long, 1.5cm in diameter
Seeds: oblong, black, 7-8mm long, 5-6mm wide
Habitat: Location:  
Geogr. Distr.: confined to three Greek islands: Crete, Karpathos and Rhodos
Countries: Greece
Common Names:  

  Key to the   P. clusii subsp.

Key / Info Name                  
1a Leaf segments 23-95 in number, linear to lanceolate, up to 2.6cm, very occasionally 3.2cm 20a P. clusii subsp. clusii
1b Leaf segments 23-48 in number, lanceolate to ovate, 2.5-4.5cm wide 20b P. clusii subsp. rhodia

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