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Year Author Title Literature Species / studies
2022 CUI Litao, CHEN Tai, ZHAO Xin, WANG Shunli, REN Xiuxia, XUE Jingqi and ZHANG Xiuxin Karyotype Analysis, Genomic and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (GISH and FISH) Reveal the Ploidy and Parental Origin of Chromosomes in Paeonia Itoh Hybrids Int. J. Mol. Sci., vol. 23 (19), 11406 (plody of the Itoh hybrids and origin of the chromosomes)
2022 MARKOVIC, T., PRIJIC, Z., XUE, J., ZHANG, X., RADANOCIC, D., Ren, X., FILIPOVIC, V., LUIC, M., GORDANIC, S. The Seed Traits Associated with Dormancy and Germination of Herbaceous Peonies, Focusing on Species Native in Serbia and China Horticulturae, vol. 8, 585 (seed dormancy and germination in some herbaceous peonies)
2021 ZHOU Shi-Liang, XU Chao, LIU Jing,YU Yan, Wu Ping, CHENG Tao and HONG De-Yuan Out of the Pan-Himalaya: Evolutionary history of the Paeoniaceae revealed by phylogenomics J. Syst. Evol., vol. 59 (6), p. 1170-1182 (all 9 tree peonies, the 2 american peonies and many other herbaceous peonies)
2020 HONG De-Yuan Gen-morph species concept - A new and integrative species concept for outbreeding organisms J. Syst. Evol., vol. 58 (5), p. 725-742 (species concepts, especially biological, genetic, evolutionary, phylogenetic, ecological, and several taxonomic species concepts)
2020 YANG Yong, SUN Miao, LI Shanshan, CHEN Qihang, TEIXEIRA DA SILVA Jaime A., WANG Ajing, YU Xiaonan and WANG LIANGSHEN Germplasm resources and genetic breeding of Paeonia: a systematic review Horticulture Research, vol. 7, 107 (Paeonia germplasm resources and breeding strategy)
2011 HONG De-Yuan Paeonia rotundiloba (D. Y. Hong) D. Y. Hong: A new status in tree peonies (Paeoniaceae) J. Syst. Evol., vol. 49 (5), p. 464-467 (P. rotundiloba)
2008 GUO Bao-Lin, HONG De-Yuan, XIAO Pei-Gen Further research on chemotaxonomy of paeonol and analogs in Paeonia (Ranunculaceae) J. Syst. Evol., vol. 46 (5), p. 724-729 (chemotaxonomy of paeonol and analogs)
2008 ZHAO Xuan, ZHOU Zhi-Qin, LIN Qi-Bing, PAN Kai-Yu, LI Ming-Yang Phylogenetic analysis of Paeonia sect. Moutan (Paeoniaceae) based on multiple DNA fragments and morphological data J. Syst. Evol., vol. 46 (4), p. 563-572 (DNA sequence on tree peonies)
2008 WANG Shi-Quan, ZHANG Da-Ming Meiotic abnormalities of the fifth pair of chromosomes in Paeonia decomposita and P. intermedia J. Syst. Evol., vol. 46 (2), p. 155-162 (P. decomposita, P. intermedia)
2007 HONG De-Yuan, PAN Kai-Yu Paeonia cathayana D. Y. Hong & K. Y. Pan, a new tree peony, with revision of P. suffruticosa ssp. yinpingmudan J. Syst. Evol., vol. 45 (3), p. 285-288 (P. cathayana)
2005 HONG De-Yuan, PAN Kai-Yu Notes on taxonomy of Paeonia sect. Moutan DC. (Paeoniaceae) J. Syst. Evol., vol. 43 (2), p. 169-177 (P. suffruticosa, P. suffruticosa ssp. yinpingmudan, P. rockii ssp. atava)
2005 HONG De-Yuan, WANG Xiao-Quan & ZHANG De-Ming Paeonia saueri (Paeoniaceae), a new species from the Balkans Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard., vol. 91, p. 87–98 (P. saueri)
2005 PAGE Martin Paeonia Itoh hybrids Plantsman, vol. 4, p. 36–39 (Itoh hybrids)
2004 PASSALACQUA Nicodemo and BERNARDO Liliana The genus Paeonia L. in Italy: Taxonomic survey and revision Webbia, vol. 59 (2), p. 215-268 (P. peregrina, P. officinalis, P. mascula, P. morisii)
2004 HONG De-Yuan and PAN Kai-Yu A TAXONOMIC REVISION OF THE PAEONIA ANOMALA COMPLEX (PAEONIACEAE) Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard., vol. 91, p. 87–98 (P. anomala, P. veitchii, P. intermedia)
2004 HONG De-Yuan and PAN Kai-Yu, ZHOU Zhi-Qin Circumscription of Paeonia suffruticosa Andrews and identification of cultivated tree peonies J. Syst. Evol., vol. 42 (3): 275-283 (P. suffruticosa + hybrids)
2004 ZHAO Xuan, ZHOU Zhi-Qin, LIN Qi-Bing, PAN Kai-Yu, HONG De-Yuan Molecular evidence for the interspecific relationships in Paeonia sect. Moutan: PCR-RFLP and sequence analysis of glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase (GPAT) gene J. Syst. Evol., vol. 42 (3): 236-244 (tree peonies)
2004 SANG Tao, PAN Jin, ZHANG Daming, DIANE Ferguson, WANG Chao, PAN Kai-Yu, HONG De-Yuan Origins of polyploids: an example from peonies (Paeonia) and a model for angiosperms Biol. J. Linn. Soc. Lond., vol. 82, p. 561-571 (P. obovata)
2003 HONG De-Yuan and ZHOU Shi-Liang Paeonia (Paeoniaceae) in the Caucasus Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, vol. 143 (2), p. 135-150 (P. intermedia [incl. P. majko], P. tenuifolia [incl. P. bibersteiniana, P. carthalinica], P. daurica [incl. P. corallina, P. triternata])
2003 ZHOU Zhi-Qin, PAN Kai-Yu, HONG De-Yuan Phylogenetic analyses of Paeonia section Moutan (treepeonies, Paeoniaceae) based on morphological data J. Syst. Evol., vol. 41 (5): 436-446 (tree peonies)
2000 HONG De-Yuan A subspecies of Paeonia mascula (Paeoniaceae) from W. Asia and SE. Europe J. Syst. Evol., vol. 38 (4), p. 381-385 (P. mascula subsp. orientalis)
1999 HONG De-Yuan, PAN Kai-Yu Taxonomical history and revision of Paeonia sect. Moutan (Paeoniaceae) J. Syst. Evol., vol. 37 (4), p. 351-368 (revision of the tree peony species)
1999 PAN Kai-Yu, WEN Jie, LUO Yi-Bo, ZHOU Shi-Liang Formation of microspores and development of male gametes in Paeonia jishanensis, with an analysis of factors of endangerment of this entity J. Syst. Evol., vol. 37 (3), p. 244-252 (P. jishanensis)
1999 ZOU Yu-Ping, CAI Mei-Lin, WANG Zi-Ping Systematic studies on Paeonia sect. Moutan DC. based on RAPD analysis J. Syst. Evol., vol. 37 (3), p. 220-227 (tree peonies)
1998 HONG De-Yuan Paeonia rockii and Its One New Subspecies from Mt. Taibai, Shaanxi of China J. Syst. Evol., vol. 36 (6), p. 538-543 (P. rockii subsp. taibaishanica)
1998 HONG De-Yuan, PAN Kai-Yu, XIE Zhong-Wen Yinpingmudan, the Wild Relative of the King of Flowers, Paeonia suffruticosa Andrews J. Syst. Evol., vol. 36 (6), p. 515-520 (P. suffruticosa subsp. yinpingmudan)
1998 LUO Yi-Bo, PEI Yan-Long, PAN Kai-Yu, HONG De-Yuan A Study on Pollination Biology of Paeonia suffruticosa subsp. spontanea (Paeoniaceae) J. Syst. Evol., vol. 36 (2), p. 134-144 (P. suffruticosa subsp. spontanea)
1997 SHEN Bao-An The Origin of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, "Mudanpi" - A New Variety of Paeonia J. Syst. Evol., vol. 35 (4), p. 360-361 (P. ostii var. lishizhenii)
1997 Hong Tao, Dai Zhen-Lun STUDY ON THE CHINESE WILD WOODY PEONIES (III) NEW TAXA OF PAEONIA L. SECT. MOUTAN DC.[J] Bulletin of Botanical Research, vol. 17 (1), p. 1-5 (P. baokangensis, P. ridleyi)
1995 PEI Yan-Long, ZOU Yu-Ping, YIN Zhen, WANG Xiao-Quan, ZHANG Zhi-Xian, HONG De-Yuan Preliminary Report of RAPD Analysis in Paeonia suffruticosa Subsp. spontanea and Paeonia rockii J. Syst. Evol., vol. 33 (4), p. 350-356 (P. suffruticosa subsp. spontanea, P. rockii)
1995 PAN Kai-Yu The Analysis of Distribution Pattern in the Paeoniaceae and Its Formation J. Syst. Evol., vol. 33 (4), p. 340-349 (differentiation, evolution, distribution)
1995 PEI Yan-Long, HONG De-Yuan Paeonia qiui - A New Woody Species of Paeonia from Hubei, China J. Syst. Evol., vol. 33 (1), p. 91-93 (P. qiui)
1994 HONG De-Yuan, PAN Kai-Yu, LI Xue-Yu Paeonia in Xinjiang, China J. Syst. Evol., vol. 32 (4), p. 349-355 (P. anomala [incl. P. hybrida], P. sinjiangensis [incl. P. altaica])
1989 ZHANG Ding-Cheng Karyotype of Paeonia obovata Maxim. from Mt. Huangshan and Mt. Jiuhuashan J. Syst. Evol., vol. 27 (6), p. 451-453 (P. obovata)
1988 HONG De-Yuan, ZHANG Zhi-Xian, ZHU Xiang-Yun Studies on the Genus Paeonia (1)-Report of Karyotypes of Some Wild Species in China J. Syst. Evol., vol. 26 (1), p. 33-43 (chromosome studies on different species)
1987 YU Jin, XIAO Pei-Gen A Preliminary Study of the Chemistry and Systematics of Paeoniaceae J. Syst. Evol., vol. 25 (3), p. 172-179 (isolated compounds as paeoniflorin I, benzoylpaeoniflorin II, oxypaeoniflorin III, paeonol IV, paeonoside V, paeonolide VI and apiopaeonoside VII)

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