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Explanation of Latin Terms/Abbreviations (further terms under Glossary)
Abbr. Latin Expression Explanation
n.comb. nova combinatio new combination (allocating a species to another genus or species) nova cultivarietas new cultivar
n.form. nova forma new form
n.hybr. nova hybrida new hybrid
n.sp. nova species new species
n.var. nova varietas new variety
nom.illeg. nomen illegitimum name is illegitimate, i.e. does not stick to the rules
nom.inval. nomen invalidum invalid name (there is already an older valid name for this species)
nom.nud. nomina nuda just a new name without any description (not enough information)

New Literature about Paeonia Species
Year Author Literature Species
2010 Hong, De-Yuan PEONIES of the World - Taxonomy and Phytogeography (description of the species incl. drawings, incl. key to the species)
2011 Hong, De-Yuan PEONIES of the World - Polymorphism and Diversity (description of the species incl. photos, incl. key to the species)
2021 Hong, De-Yuan PEONIES of the World - Part III: Phylogeny and Evolution (different aspects of the species, incl. key to the species)

News about this "Paeonia Species" web
Date Version News / Changes
- several corrections
- for several Paeonia-Species an addition of flower- and plant-pictures was done
first implementation containing:

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